Our case studies

Woodsford has over a decade’s experience of holding big business to account and facilitating access to justice for those who have been wronged. The case studies below illustrate the diversity of our investments.

London listed issuer Case Study

Claim Against London Listed Issuer

Seeking Redress for Thousands of Australian Consumers Case Study

Seeking Redress for Thousands of Australian Consumers

Overcharging London Train Companies

Alleged Overcharging of Millions of Customers

Car Shipping Cartel Case Study

CAT Claim Against Car Shipping Cartel

Star Case Study

Holding Star to Account for Misleading the Market and Breaching Continuous Obligation Laws

Westpac Case Study

Woodsford Funds one of Australia’s Largest Ever Securities Class Actions

AMP Case Study

Class Action Against AMP for Conflicted Remuneration and Related-Party Insurance

Several common themes run through all our investments:

  • All have been through our rigorous, in-house underwriting process. Be it an ESG-focused collective engagement we have developed internally, a commercial or IP claim brought to us by a law firm or even a law-firm finance facility, we only invest in a small number of the opportunities we review. Our executive team of world-class legal, financial and commercial professionals first needs to be convinced – then, in turn they need to convince both our Investment Advisory Panel (IAP), made up of senior figures from the world of litigation, and the Woodsford board before we invest.
  • We only work with the world’s leading lawyers and law firms who have a track-record of winning the kinds of cases we are partnering with them on.
  • Whether they are a global asset-manager with $£Bns AUM or a small individual patent-holder looking to protect their IP, we work with claimants who are reasonable and realistic.
  • We have a great deal of in-house expertise and experience, and we find that claimants and other stakeholders appreciate our professional input as much as our financial investment.
  • When we structure any investment, we ensure that the finance is in place to see it to its conclusion, even if the claim does not settle before trial.
  • Our involvement often shifts the settlement dynamic in favour of the claimant. Knowing their adversary is fully resourced by an independent, dispassionate third-party that is very selective about the claims it invests in, sends a clear and powerful message to any defendant.
  • We structure our investments in a way that all stakeholders are pulling in the same direction, with risks and rewards aligned.
  • Throughout the entire process, we are clear, transparent, honest, and realistic.