We are experts in delivering tailored financial solutions to meet the specialist needs of law firms and their clients involved in litigation and arbitration across the globe.

As experienced litigators, we have a deep understanding of the litigation and arbitration process. What’s more, we appreciate the pressures these situations bring and the importance of delivering the appropriate financial support in a timely manner.

Our well-resourced, well-connected team delivers quick funding decisions and a responsive, open partnership throughout the life of a case or portfolio of cases.

A quick decision, straightforward funding

We are a financially strong company with our own capital. This allows us to make funding decisions rapidly and move quickly to support your case or portfolio of cases. We also have an established global network of experts that allows us to deliver solutions where other funders can’t.

Our reputation is for a straightforward approach to funding: we provide the funds for you to win your case. We’ll also provide as much – or as little – legal input as you need.

Experience and expertise

Our team has many decades of senior legal and business experience. Our in-house expertise, combined with our connections and long-term partnerships across the international legal industry, provides the reassurance you need when taking the decision to seek funding.

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Flexible, innovative, transparent

We know that every case is different and that flexibility and adaptability are key to success. Clients around the world choose Woodsford as a result of our ability to tailor financial solutions to their individual needs and provide full transparency throughout.


“The entire working relationship and experience has been not only a pleasure from the outset but also a master class in professionalism……”   READ MORE >


Damian James
Partner, Collas Crill


“We have had the privilege of working with Woodsford over many years. We have seen first-hand the resources and the resolve that Woodsford brings to the equation which, when combined with a strong claim, a determined client…..”   READ MORE >

Eric L. Lewis, Senior partner
Lewis Baach Kaufmann Middlemiss


“I would strongly recommend Woodsford – the team is made up of very experienced litigators who have practised at top firms who understand the cases and the strategy behind them, and they are always on hand and responsive as needed…..”   READ MORE >

Ben Summerfield,
Partner, Reed Smith

Woodsford Litigation Our people

Our People

Our team offers a unique blend of legal and financial expertise. We use our own in-house legal capability and deploy our own funds, rather than relying on external advice or capital.


Glossary of Litigation Terms

Association of Litigation Funders

Woodsford is a founder member of the Association of Litigation Funders of England and Wales (ALF), the body dedicated to promoting best practice in the litigation funding industry and campaigning to improve the uses and applications of litigation funding.


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