Our International Reach

With a presence in London, Singapore, the US (Philadelphia, New York and San Francisco), Australia, Canada and Israel, Woodsford is a global business with a global outlook. We have funded litigation in 8 international jurisdictions, 4 U.S. states, and in relation to arbitrations in 4 different arbitral seats. In addition, our co-operation agreement with Leste Litigation Finance gives us exposure to the Latin American market with the assistance of an expert trusted local partner.

Our team of experts have significant litigation experience across many of the key jurisdictions globally; Europe, North America, Australasia and Latin America. Our multilingual team handles matters in French, Spanish and German in addition to English. Our lawyers are qualified to practice in a number of international jurisdictions.

Members of the Woodsford team have spoken at myriad conferences and events in Asia, Europe, the US and Latin America. We made detailed submissions to the law reform bodies in Hong KongSingapore and Dubai (DIFC) during their consultations on third party funding.

Each year we edit and contrubute a number of chapters to Litigation Funding – the definitive guide to the law and practice of litigation funding in key jurisdictions around the world. You can download the 2020 edition here.

We have written numerous articles and white papers covering global developments in Litigation Funding including:

Countries where we have funded cases:
Australia, Canada, France, Jersey, Sweden, The Netherlands, The UK, USA         

Woodsford Litigation Our people

Our People

Our team offers a unique blend of legal and financial expertise. We use our own in-house legal capability and deploy our own funds, rather than relying on external advice or capital.


About woodsford

About Woodsford

We are experts in delivering tailored financial solutions to meet the specialist needs of law firms and their clients involved in litigation and arbitration across the globe.




Keep ahead of the latest thinking in litigation and arbitration funding with our series of papers and comment pieces, as well as brochures, product sheets and case studies which can be downloaded as PDFs.