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Litigation Funding is permitted and endorsed by the UK judiciary and policymakers as a tool of access to justice.

The UK has a well-established and sophisticated litigation funding market – with London as one of the leading global centres for both finance and law, this is hardly surprising. Funding is readily available for all types and sizes of dispute including big-ticket commercial litigation and international arbitration.

As its use becomes more prevalent, practitioners in the UK are increasingly comfortable with the concept of litigation funding and its myriad uses. Both small and large companies are increasingly seeking litigation funding. This includes companies with the capital to self-fund, but who would rather offset some of the costs of the litigation to third parties.

Woodsford was formed in London in 2010 and is a founder member of the Association of Litigation Funders of England and Wales (ALF). A Code of Conduct for Litigation Funders, which Woodsford helped develop, was agreed in 2011 and sets out expected standards of best practice and behaviour for litigation funders in the UK. All members of the ALF, including many of the leading global funders, are bound by the Code of Conduct.

For detailed analysis of the law and practice of litigation funding in the UK, including an examination of its use in class actions and funders liability for adverse costs, download the England & Wales chapter of Litigation Funding 2019.

Headquartered in London, Woodsford has funded many UK cases, from international arbitrations to high-value family disputes. And we have the expertise, appetite and resources for much more.

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