Since 2010 Woodsford has been helping to hold big business to account for their egregious behaviour. Whether it is helping consumers achieve collective redress when businesses abuse their market dominance, ensuring that inventors and universities are properly compensated when Big Tech infringes intellectual property rights, or helping shareholders in collaborative, escalated engagement up to and including litigation with listed companies, Woodsford is committed to ensuring that companies are held to the highest environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) standards and helping deliver access to justice.

Working globally with many of the world’s leading law firms, our strength lies in the combination of our legal experience, investment, business and technical expertise, in tandem with our significant financial muscle.

Ensuring the highest Environmental, Social and corporate Governance (ESG) standards

Woodsford is a well-established, international ESG-focused business. We have a demonstrable track-record of helping thousands of investors, consumers and other stakeholders engage with major corporations in relation to serious breakdowns in environmental, social and corporate governance standards.

Ultimately, we help those affected by ESG breakdowns to secure compensation, and we thereby help hold wrongdoers to account in the hope that they will change the way they behave.

While many stakeholders, for example shareholders or consumers, have good reasons and motivations to engage with companies who have failed to live up to their ESG obligations, they often lack the ability to do so. Woodsford helps inform and organise groups of impacted stakeholders, AND we take all of the economic risk in the engagement, with our remuneration entirely contingent upon success.

We are particularly well-known for working with institutional shareholders in public companies in collective, escalated engagement, up to and including litigation.

Commercial Litigation Funding

We are experts in delivering tailored financial solutions to meet the specialist needs of law firms and their clients involved in all types of commercial litigation and arbitration across the globe.

As experienced litigators, we have a deep understanding of the litigation and arbitration process. What’s more, we appreciate the pressures these situations bring and the importance of delivering the appropriate financial support in a timely manner.

Protecting your Intellectual Property

Woodsford frequently partners with inventors and other holders of intellectual property whose rights have been infringed by major corporations.

With financial assistance from Woodsford, inventors can afford to retain the competent counsel and qualified experts needed to see the litigation to protect their IP through to a proper resolution.

Litigation isn’t necessarily the answer in every scenario, Woodsford’s capital flexibility allows us to facilitate asset transfers in these situations, standing in for the IP holder in court while allowing them to share in the recovery they deserve.

Work with Woodsford

We are a financially strong company, and we invest our own capital. This allows us to make investment decisions rapidly and move quickly to support those seeking redress for a serious breakdown of ESG standards or claimants looking to finance their large commercial or IP cases or portfolio of such cases. We also have an established global network of experts and a nimbleness and creativity that allows us to deliver solutions where other funders cannot.

Our well-resourced, well-connected team based in Australia, the UK, and the US has many decades of senior legal, financial and business experience. Our in-house expertise, combined with our connections and long-term partnerships across the international legal industry and beyond, provides the reassurance you need when taking the decision to work with us.