Global Portfolio Financing Facility


Global Portfolio Financing Facility. Our ground-breaking, disbursements-only US$20m global portfolio funding facility with international litigation boutique, Lewis Baach Kaufmann Middlemiss was announced in late 2017 and has generated significant press coverage. This portfolio facility covers litigation and arbitration matters in any jurisdictions around the world for which Lewis Baach is prepared to [...]

Providing Litigation Funding for Family Trust


Litigation Funding for Family Trust.  A family trust whose assets had been significantly reduced through mismanagement found the confidence to pursue justice through Woodsford’s third party litigation funding and ATE Insurance. In 2004 an elderly widow looking to secure assets for her daughter and granddaughter’s future, appointed professional trustees to set up [...]

Commercial Arbitration Funding in Landmark Case


Commercial Arbitration Funding In a landmark ‘David versus Goliath’ commercial arbitration case, relative minnow Norscot Rig Management was pitted against the much larger Essar Oilfields in a dispute over $12 million in unpaid costs that eventually resulted in a landmark ruling in relation to the recovery of third party litigation funding fees. [...]

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