What are CAT Class Actions?

CAT class actions refer to collective legal actions brought before the Competition Appeal Tribunal (CAT) in the United Kingdom. These actions involve a group of individuals or entities, often consumers or businesses, who have suffered similar harm or share common claims arising from alleged breaches of competition law. CAT class actions provide an avenue for multiple claimants to pursue their cases efficiently and effectively, pooling their resources and sharing the costs and benefits of litigation.

CAT class actions are instrumental in addressing anti-competitive behaviour and by providing an opt-out mechanism for bringing claims CAT class actions streamline the legal process, making it more accessible for claimants who might not have the financial means to bring individual cases against powerful corporations or entities.

The CAT tribunal is equipped to handle complex competition law matters, ensuring that CAT class actions are adjudicated by experts well-versed in this area of law. Successful CAT class actions can result in remedies such as compensation for affected parties, contributing to the deterrence of anti-competitive practices and the promotion of a competitive market for consumers.