Woodsford has created A Practical Guide to Litigation Funding video

Woodsford’s Steven Friel and Charlie Morris discuss access to justice and class actions in
England and Wales with Professor Adrian Zuckerman (Oxford University) and Professor Ianika
Tzankova (Tilburg University), with a particular focus on third-party funding and costs.

Woodsford’s Robin Davis talks to Steven Friel about why we need a book on litigation
finance at this time and how the contributors and themes were chosen.

Anthony Sebok, Professor of Law Cardozo Law School, New York, discusses the differences
in attitudes to ‘fee splitting’ in the US, UK and Europe and the obsession with medieval
English principles of maintenance, champerty and barratry.

David Siffert, Director of Research and Projects at NYU School of Law, discusses whether
we can expect more legislation governing litigation finance in the next 10 years, and the
interest from academia.

Simon Walsh, Special Counsel at Cadwalader in London, discusses why litigation finance has
grown as rapidly as it has done in the last 10 years and how privilege relates to litigation
funding, particularly the differences between UK and the US.

Discovery and Litigation Funding in US Federal Courts – A webinar hosted by Woodsford.