In an article that appeared in ‘Litigation Funding‘ (published by the Law Society of England & Wales), Woodsford’s Robin Davis looks at how litigation funders can help universities, their faculty and students protect the value of their IP.

“Top colleges and universities around the world are the birthplaces of many exciting new technologies. Indeed, supporting faculty and students seeking to commercialise their inventions developed in research labs is the main responsibility of university technology transfer offices (TTOs). Too often, the valuable technology advances created at colleges and universities are implemented by other businesses without prior arrangement for fair compensation for the institutions that supported development of the new technology.

While these unlicensed appropriations may occur both intentionally and unwittingly, TTOs are often hard pressed to enforce the intellectual property rights of universities they are supposed to support. Litigation funders like Woodsford are well positioned to assist TTOs with introducing enforcement actions to their licensing efforts and ensuring that required litigations are successful.”

You can read the full article here.