Woodsford recognised as one of the world’s leading litigation funders by Chambers and Partners.

Woodsford is delighted that our global growth and increased international presence has been recognised by Chambers and Partners.  We are one of only four funders ranked in the USA, UK and Asia-Pacific. Our CEO, Steven Friel has again been recognised as a ranked individual, and this year he is joined by our CIO, Charlie Morris.

“What the team is known for Woodsford Litigation Funding is a global legal finance provider with offices in the UK, the USA, Singapore and Israel. It receives plaudits for its pragmatic approach and expertise, especially in matters of collective redress, and securities litigation.

“Strengths “I’ve never had a case where Woodsford did not reach an agreement in reasonable time and to the satisfaction of all parties.””

“They are very helpful in supporting you in the case. They consider themselves an investor, but also serve as a consultant and supporter of a case they are invested in. I like that very much. They know very well what their role in the circumstances are, being a funder and not interfering with strategic decisions, but are there to help when needed.

Steven Friel is the chief executive officer of Woodsford. An experienced litigator and funder, he is praised for his hands-on approach and ability to work constructively on even the biggest and most complicated matters. “He is very easy to deal with, makes decisions quickly on an informed basis and won’t leave you hanging around. He grasps the facts and the law extremely quickly. He is an extremely good resource for Woodsford – a great strategic thinker.”

Charlie Morris is chief investment officer covering the EMEA and APAC regions. He has been praised for his expertise on financial services matters, with sources reporting that he is “extremely knowledgeable in those areas, possibly more so than the lawyers who run the cases. If I had a case like that I would go to him.”