“Woodsford offer more than just source of finance for complex and expensive litigation; they are true litigation partners, using their skills and experience to provide support to lawyers and their clients in areas including case merits assessment and valuation, finance structuring and litigation strategy. Their personnel are approachable, transparent and constructive, and their investment in the litigation is personal as well as financial. I have no hesitation in recommending them.”
Tim Finney, Director at Phi Finney McDonald (Melbourne)

“When considering the value of litigation funding, clients and lawyers don’t just want a partner that provides financial support.  Understanding the complexities of the jurisdiction and the case, professionally managing the challenges that inevitably arise in a professional and solutions focussed way and strategically working with client and the lawyers to find the best solution possible for the client are the hallmarks of a great litigation funder like Woodsford.”
Jan Saddler, Head of Class Actions at Shine Lawyers (Brisbane)

“Woodsford stand out as one of the most diligent and professional litigation funders in the market. As well as being undoubtedly the leading provider of finance for securities class actions, their specialism goes way beyond that.  Their ESG business is particularly impressive.”
Steve Ruffle, Director, Litica Ltd. (London)

“The Woodsford team are sophisticated, commercial and pragmatic operators.  While a pleasure to work with, most importantly, they offer trust in allowing the legal team to get on with the job, and expertise when support on critical issues is required.”
Martin del Gallego, Partner, Piper Alderman (Sydney)

“They are one of the most engaged and commercial litigation funders. They have this expertise in securities claims where their expertise and knowledge is second to none.”
Chambers and Partners, 2023

“Woodsford’s focus on securities litigation makes them stand out. They know it as well as, if not better than, anyone else.”
Chambers and Partners, 2023

“Woodsford are a highly experienced funder with an excellent understanding of competition law collective actions.  Their technical expertise and sophisticated strategic approach, combined with their financial resources, enables them to fund complex, high value claims and give clients the backing they need to pursue those claims.”
Belinda Hollway, Partner, Scott + Scott (London)

“The Woodsford team has a mix of experienced litigators and funders which means they understand the way in which they can add value, while respecting the professional obligations that our law firm owes to its clients.  Their expertise in financial services matters and group litigation, together with their focus on ESG standards, has been of invaluable support to our clients.”
Chris Warren-Smith, Partner, Morgan Lewis & Bockius (London)

“For an individual inventor whose long patent adventure has afforded a singular education in IP, Woodsford has been an absolutely indispensable litigation partner.  Where others saw clear merit yet declined to confront a tech behemoth, Woodsford’s expert diligence set the stage for a confident collaboration in asserting our rights.  At every step of the way, their insightful advice, courage of conviction, and support for our own decisions drove consistently positive outcomes.  I honestly don’t know how we could have prevailed without Woodsford in our corner.”
Michael Kaufman, inventor and patent-holder who successfully sued Microsoft for $multi-million with Woodsford’s support (New York)

“Woodsford has a long track record of creative approaches while maintaining the ability to close the funding deal.  In particular, Woodsford removes the friction between funding and the client via their deep experience in intellectual property cases.  The Woodsford team is creative, efficient, and knowledgeable.”
Gary R. Sorden, Member, Cole Schotz (Dallas)

“Woodsford bring strong experience and insight to the funding table which, combined with their willingness to look at riskier propositions, make them a strong funder presence.”
Antony Maton, Global Co-Chair, Hausfeld (London)

“Woodsford have done ground-breaking work in the UK legal funding sphere. They combine innovation, technical excellence and commerciality, and their experienced staff regularly add strategic value to the cases they fund.”
Shail Patel, Barrister, 4 New Square (London)

“Woodsford are more innovative and willing to be creative.  And if they do something, they do it right.”
Chambers and Partners, 2021

“Charlie Morris has been praised for his expertise in financial services matters. His acumen is praised, with one source stating: “Charlie is superb; he could have been a partner at any City law firm if he wanted to. Always available, super quick and direct. No surprise that he is their chief investment officer.”
Chambers and Partners, 2021

“I’ve had the opportunity to present a number of opportunities to Woodsford. In every case, whether funded or not, Woodsford has taken the time and effort to carefully review the merits and discuss them with us. Woodsford’s depth of knowledge and background in litigation and IP licensing helps them provide not just funding support, but also a great sounding board and true partnership in the litigations they fund. I cannot recommend Woodsford highly enough. Woodsford is our first call for any cases where we are looking to work in partnership with a funder.”
William Flachsbart, Partner, Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig (Chicago)

“Clients and counsel want funders with established track records of funding cases through to completion; ample resources to handle the expense of litigation; the fortitude to weather the uncertainties that are an inevitable feature of litigation; the ability to make funding decisions without inordinate delay; and the ability to offer sound advice along the way, while still respecting the autonomy of the client and the ethical duties of the lawyer to his or her client.”
Eric L. Lewis, Senior partner, Lewis Baach Kaufmann Middlemiss (New York)

“We have had the privilege of working with Woodsford over many years. We have seen first-hand the resources and the resolve they bring to the equation which, when combined with a strong claim, a determined client, and a formidable legal team, can make the difference between justice delivered or denied.”
David G. Liston, Partner, Liston Abramson (New York)

“I have worked with Woodsford on several matters.  Whereas many litigation funders farm-out the intake evaluation to outside counsel, Woodsford has a very capable and patent savvy in-house legal team.  Woodsford has proven time and again to be a reliable partner throughout the litigations.”
Brian Carpenter, Partner, Carstens, Allen & Gourley (Dallas)

“Woodsford are very quick out of the blocks when it comes to spotting emerging opportunities.  Once convinced of an idea they are not afraid to commit funding supporting law firms, large or small, in pursuit of that idea. And both Steven Friel and Charlie Morris are always available to provide quick, informed input when required.”
Rodger Burnett, Partner, Charles Lyndon (London)

“The entire working relationship and experience has been not only a pleasure from the outset, but also a master class in professionalism.”
Damian James, Partner, Collas Crill (Jersey)

“I would strongly recommend Woodsford – the team is made up of very experienced litigators who have practised at top firms and who understand the cases and the strategy behind them, and they are always on hand and responsive as needed if we want their input.”
Ben Summerfield, Partner, Reed Smith (London)

“Charlie Morris is chief investment officer covering the EMEA and APAC regions. He has been praised for his expertise on financial services matters, with sources reporting that he is “extremely knowledgeable in those areas, possibly more so than the lawyers who run the cases. If I had a case like that, I would go to him.” Chambers and Partners, 2020

“Steven Friel is the chief executive officer of Woodsford. An experienced litigator and funder, he is praised for his hands-on approach and ability to work constructively on even the biggest and most complicated matters. “He is very easy to deal with, makes decisions quickly on an informed basis and won’t leave you hanging around. He grasps the facts and the law extremely quickly. He is an extremely good resource for Woodsford – a great strategic thinker.”
Chambers and Partners, 2020

“Woodsford … receives plaudits for its pragmatic approach and expertise, especially in matters of collective redress, and securities litigation.”
Chambers and Partners, 2020

“Commentators praise Steven Friel’s flexible working style…“He is smart, and responds well and quickly to clients. He is willing to take a decision quickly and take some risk.” He has an enthusiastic demeanour and “enormous energy… He seems to have limitless energy to explore things, and he’s extremely sharp.”
Chambers and Partners, 2019

“Steven Friel is an experienced disputes practitioner who is held in high esteem as an adviser to Woodsford’s clients. Clients appreciate his ability to combine his litigation expertise with a commercial approach. One seasoned barrister reports that ‘he is very impressive. He has a razor sharp legal mind, is intellectually curious, and has strong business sense.’”
Chambers and Partners, 2018