Prior to the development of litigation finance, there were few workable solutions for boutique law firms seeking to reduce financial pressure while also driving growth. Traditional credit providers are ill-suited to consider a law firm’s contingent receivables as a valuable asset. However, litigation finance providers such as Woodsford, with their unique combination of legal expertise and financial resources, have started to fill this void.

As a global litigation finance provider, Woodsford regularly receives inquiries from lawyers at boutique law firms, either on behalf of their clients or themselves. Woodsford expects the frequency of these inquiries to grow substantially in the coming years and would encourage lawyers to familiarise themselves with how litigation finance works in practice and the many benefits of partnering with a litigation finance provider like Woodsford.

The whitepaper shows how boutique law firms can take advantage of litigation finance to; gain a competitive advantage, drive growth, preserve their own capital and benefit from increased due diligence.

You can download the whitepaper here.