Litigation Funding 2022- your updated guide to the developing law and practice of funding in England & Wales

Third-party litigation funding has long been permitted and endorsed by the judiciary and policymakers as a tool of access to justice. Consistent with modern public policy, English courts have a generally positive attitude to third- party funding. The law and practice of funding continues to develop as evinced by this updated chapter.

The Competition Appeal Tribunal (CAT) recently described third- party litigation funding as ‘a well-recognised feature of modern litigation’ that ‘facilitates access to justice for those who otherwise may be unable to afford it’ (UK Trucks Claim Limited v Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV and Others and Road Haulage Association Limited v Man SE and Others [2019] CAT 26). The tribunal’s view underlines how far the law has changed since the days when funding another party’s litigation could constitute both a crime and a tort.

The updated 2022 chapter is authored by Woodsford’s CEO, Steven Friel together with Jonathan Barnes, Ioan Mortimer and Diane Chisomu.

You can download the England & Wales chapter here.