Woodsford welcomes the pro-claimant and pro-litigation funding decision of the UK Supreme Court in Merricks v Mastercard that was handed down by the Supreme Court earlier today.

The decision makes it easier for class representatives, backed by litigation funding, to bring ‘opt-out’ class actions, also known as collective proceedings, against large corporate defendants whose anti-competitive behaviour has caused loss to consumers.

Woodsford’s Chief Executive Officer, Steven Friel, commented: “I am particularly pleased to see the Supreme Court’s recognition that consumer collective redress and litigation funding fit together like hand in glove. The Supreme Court has endorsed the access to justice benefits of litigation funding.  All too often, large corporate defendants, with their armies of expensive lawyers, seek to avoid justice by arguing about the mechanisms by which consumers can seek compensation for wrongdoing, including factors relevant to litigation funding. The Supreme Court’s decision is the latest, and most senior, judicial confirmation that the English Courts are fed up with these defendant tactics. This bodes well for the CAT cases that Woodsford has already agreed to fund, and the further cases that we are actively considering.”

You can read our full press release here.