We are proud that Woodsford’s international business has again been ranked highly in this year’s Chambers Litigation Funding guide.

We are one of only a handful of funders ranked in the UK, US, Australia, Canada and Europe. Our CEO, Steven Friel and both of our Chief Investment Officers, Robin Davis and Charlie Morris were noted and ranked as individuals and Brisbane-based Senior Investment Officer, Alex Hickson was highlighted as a ‘notable practitioner’.

Highlights of what those in the markets said about us:


  • “Woodsford’s focus on securities litigation makes them stand out. They know it as well as, if not better than, anyone else.”
  • “They are one of the most engaged and commercial litigation funders. They have this expertise in securities claims where their expertise and knowledge is second to none.”

We are the only funder in the UK to have two individuals ranked in the top 3 bands: Steven Friel, our CEO and Charlie Morris our Chief Investment Officer (EMEA and APAC)

  • “Steven Friel is … an experienced litigator and funder, he is particularly interested in assisting various stakeholders, including shareholders and bondholders, in ESG matters involving listed companies.”
  • “He is not afraid to make a decision. Steven backs his judgement and if you go to him with a case he will tell you quickly one way or another how it will go”
  • “Charlie is knowledgeable about this area [Financial services matters] and has devoted a lot of attention to it.”


  • “Woodsford’s team … understand the creative ways funders are making deals work.”
  • “Their team includes diverse talents who have experience across a range of areas.”

Our US Chief Investment Officer was singled out for particular praise:

  • “Robin is a force in the litigation funding arena.”
  • ” Robin is very astute, knows the substance of patent law inside and out and has excellent judgement. I feel fortunate to be able to work with her on a regular basis.”


  • “Woodsford has an excellent understanding of complex legal issues, the regulatory and political issues, and commercial imperatives attached to cases.”
  • “The Woodsford team has a clear and established breadth of knowledge which they volunteer and call on to assist with the nuances of the litigation that arise.”
  • “Woodsford is very commercially aware and communicates commerciality issues very clearly.”


  • “They have a sophisticated team who get deep into the issues and are able to analyse liability and damages in a very professional way.”


  • “Woodsford has a sound ability to handle complexity when funding cases.”